The CONSTITUTIONAL FEDERALISTS OF AMERICA is represented by the American Badger. This Carnivorous mammal has much in common with this newly emerging party.

Winter is passing, and this small resilient animal has emerged from its slumber. Arising from his burrow his appetite is overwhelming. The AMERICAN BADGER is fearless, having no regard for oneself, stopping at nothing to ensure its mission is accomplished.

NEW CFA-Party Symbol STICKER BE THE BADGER black lettering CLEAR
This low slung, stocky, fossorial beast-of-prey is often underestimated and is the furthest from being an endangered species for good reason. Although these badgers are typically nocturnal, they can emerge during the day when there is little to no encroachment or there is a reason to defend itself.

Much like the American Patriots of today, we are being awakened from our slumber in a defense of our FOUNDING principles.

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